Ever since the advent of music downloads and the iPod, Apple’s iTunes has blazed a trail for the digital music industry. But the online music party is coming to an end.

Sources close to Apple executives are reporting that iTunes as we know it will cease to exist from 31st March, 2019.

The Daily Mail is reporting that the iTunes model will gradually be phased out to make way for a streaming model that is going to be the future of both the movie and music industries.

While Apple haven’t made any official announcements, the firm has confirmed that it is to stop taking iTunes LP submissions.

Apple is preparing to launch its brand new original TV streaming service next year — which it hopes will take on the might of Netflix and Amazon Prime.

Apple Music has already made up ground on industry leader Spotify, having secured around 40 million subscribers in three years.

According to Digital Music News, iTunes users will be given plenty of notice, and the purchases they’ve already made will always be available. But from next year, we’ll no longer be able to purchase downloads for the tech giant’s flagship online store.

And it’s surely only a matter of time before movie downloads go the same way. If users can stream any movie they want to for a fixed monthly price, demand for actual downloads will plummet.

Of course, we’ll still be able to purchase TV shows and movies for the foreseeable future — but probably under a different system.

We await official confirmation from Apple, but this news marks the end of a relatively short era for music.

The download is dead. Long live streaming.

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