Warner Brothers have officially lifted the Justice League review embargo, and the first signs are very encouraging for the under-fire DC film universe.

While Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice and Suicide Squad were ravaged by critics, they were both modest box offices successes. However, in these days of the superhero blockbuster, anything short of $1 billion is a little disappointing.

So there was a great deal riding on these first reviews — particularly given the woeful Rotten Tomatoes score previous DC movies suffered.

But following on from the universal success of Wonder Woman, it seems DC has finally given core comic book fans what they want — accurate representations of some of the most loved characters in the genre.

Here are the first few snippets from critics on Twitter:

Reading through more of the first comments, it is clear that there are elements of Justice League that are almost universally liked. The lighter tone, the comedy and the relationship between the main players is all there to see.

Comic book nerds in particular will be happy to discover that all of the characters get the chance to be real heroes — the source of much controversy in Batman v Superman.

It isn’t all great news, however. There is a general consensus that the narrative could be better. Steppenwolf has been described as two-dimensional, and there have been some stinging criticisms of the CGI.

But all of these issues should be expected from a film that has undergone a 30% rewrite and several big reshoots.

It is still early days, but it looks like Warner Brothers and DC Comics fans can breathe a sigh of relief.

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