Wooden Ataribox
Photo: Atari

If you’re of a certain age, you will have grown up with Atari games. The classic console was the world’s first mass-produced home gaming system — becoming one of the early 80s’ most enduring icons.

Atari announced a 21st century console at E3 earlier this year called the Ataribox, but details were sketchy to say the least.

But the iconic gaming company has now revealed some more details about the new console… and they’re getting people pretty excited.

The design is inspired by the classic Atari 2600, which was in children’s bedrooms around the planet during the late 1970s and early 1980s.

New Ataribox console

The main console will have a black, ribbed case. But according to The Daily Dot there will also be a wooden version, which means you can make a feature of your console instead of hiding it away.

The new Ataribox will have HDMI and SD slots, and there’ll be four USB ports too. This is potential evidence to suggest that Atari is planning an assault on the vice-like grip Sony and Microsoft have on the global console market.

And there are rumours that the console will be open to third-party developers — something Atari have never done before.

The Ataribox is still very much in the development phase, so there are still no details on specifications, future games or processing power. And while Atari hope to bring the Ataribox to market next year, something tells us this trip down memory lane may never bear fruit.

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