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Star Wars characters

New Star Wars Trilogy in the Works

After a triumphant return for the Star Wars franchise, the bosses at Disney have decided to keep their cash cow chomping grass by launching...
Justice League

QUIZ: How Well Do You Know Your Avengers from Your Justice League?

To mark next week's release of Justice League, we thought we'd test your knowledge of superhero supergroups. Below you will find a list of superheroes....
Dodgeball charity shoot

Dodgeball Cast Reunite for Charity… Spark Rumours of a Sequel

Ben Stiller's Dodgeball is back, at least for charity, anyway. Several members of the original cast, including Vince Vaughn, reunited to shoot a special...
The Dark Knight, The Joker

The Greatest 500 Movies of All Time — According to Empire

It's the argument everyone has when they're pissed in a pub — what are the best movies of all time. Of course, no one...
Dan Aykroyd and John Candy in the Great Outdoors

Kevin Hart to Star in Another Classic 80s Movie Remake

Chris Rock wannabe Kevin Hart has been confirmed as one of the leads in the 1980s classic comedy The Great Outdoors. The stand-up comedian is...
Star Wars logo

Star Wars Episode IX Gets a Release Date

Just as we're all starting to get excited about the upcoming release of Star Wars Episode VIII, Disney has just broken the Internet by...
Jeff Goldblum in Jurassic Park

Jeff Goldblum to Return for Jurassic World Sequel

Among the many highlights of Steven Spielberg's first Jurassic Park movie was Jeff Coldblum's Ian Malcolm. The cool, wise-cracking scientist told us that "nature...
Blues Brothers 2000

7 Awful Movies That Weren’t Saved By A Great Cast

Many producers assume that a big budget cast is all it takes to ensure a movie’s box office success, and squander the bulk of...
Man of Steel, starring Henry Cavill

Matthew Vaughn in Talks for Man of Steel 2

Man of Steel was a moderate success, both in terms of the reviews and box office it achieved. But there are still people (mostly...
Rocky Balboa punches Clubber Lang in Rocky III

Sylvester Stallone Risked Serious Brain Injury for Rocky III

Sylvester Stallone's achievements in creating one of the most iconic movie franchises in history simply cannot be overestimated. But not many Rocky fans will...