Remember how excited we were for the release of Star Wars: Episode I?  If you were around in 1999 and you were a Star Wars fan, you certainly remember.  Unless you were 6 in 1999 (and perhaps even if you were) The Phantom Menace was a tremendous disappointment for you.  

This wide-spread disappointment can be attributed to many things, most likely that nothing, not even George Lucas’s masterpiece, could have lived up to the Star Wars hype.  This is true.  But we contend that the real flaw in Episode I was a single character: Jar Jar Binks.  Jar Jar was CGI, so there wasn’t really any poor casting at fault here (*cough*NOT YET*cough*), but the point remains:  one bad casting decision, and even the most highly anticipated film of the decade can take a nose dive.  

Here are some of the movies we most love to hate, in large part due to one bad casting choice.

7. Kevin Costner in Robin Hood

Kevin Costner as Robin Hood
Photo: Warner Bros

Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves was a movie after my own 15 year old heart. To my young mind, it had a plethora of things going for it; the Robin Hood story, for one, a villainous Alan Rickman, second, and then-heartthob Christian Slater, last but certainly not least.  Also that Bryan Adams song.  I was 15, I didn’t know any better.  

Looking back, Robin Hood had a lot of potential.  It was a classic story of kinda good versus very real evil.  It had Morgan Freeman.  It spawned one of Mel Brooks’ greatest parodies to date; Robin Hood: Men in Tights.  Dear God, though, Kevin Costner accent-switched his way through this movie and ruined everything.  If you can’t convince us that you are *actually English*, please don’t try.  Aside from the atrocious accent-ing, Costner hams it up way too much.  Sorry, 15 year old me.  Your taste in movies sucks.

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