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Filming a multi-million dollar movie with multi-million dollar movie stars is the stuff of dreams for every budding actor and actress. Filming in exotic locations before sauntering back to your penthouse hotel suite or state of the art, air conditioned, luxury caravan, to sift through your blue m and m’s, while sipping champagne and getting a back massage…. sounds perfect.

In reality, there are a lot of highly strung personalities, all in each other’s personal space for months on end. Patience wears thin, tempers fray, and people begin to fall out. Here is a list of seven feuds that caused mayhem on set.

7. Tony Curtis and Marilyn Monroe – Some Like It Hot

Tony Curtis and Marilyn Monroe
Photo: United Artists

The 1959, multi award winning, comedy classic ‘Some Like It Hot’ was set in prohibition America, where two jazz musicians witness the Saint Valentine’s Day massacre and wind up being chased by the mob. The two disguise themselves as women, before meeting the beautiful Sugar “Kane” Kowalczyk, played by Marilyn Monroe, and both vie for her affections… while maintaining their feminine cloaks.

Now, that sounds like a tricky enough job for director, Billy Wilder, without having to contend with a vicious spat between two of the biggest movie stars in the world. Tony Curtis absolutely despised Monroe, and was even quoted as comparing kissing the blonde bombshell to kissing Adolf Hitler. According to Curtis, Marilyn’s behaviour onset was far from professional. She would often turn up late, or not at all, and when she was in front of the cameras she would continuously mess up her lines, causing havoc with the filming schedule.

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