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The world of movie making is a cutthroat one. Big money is thrown around, reputations are at stake, A-list actors can be a real pain in the ass, big shot producers pile on the pressure, and it all comes down to the director to pull it all together. Most of the time this chaos does come together in the end, and sometimes real beauty is created. Other times, things disintegrate and the vision is lost forever, always to be remembered as a box office flop.

Sometimes things don’t even reach the box office. Some movies are never finished. Production companies pull the rug out from under, the director can plain give up, and even, tragically, key players can die. Here is a list of seven movies that never saw the light of day.

7. The Other Side of the Wind

The Other Side of the Wind

Orson Welles is considered by many to be one of the finest talents the movie world has ever seen. His enormous screen presence graced many a moving picture, from the mid 1930’s right up until his death in 1985. Welles was also a director of some considerable standing, having directed and starred in the seminal ‘Citizen Kane’, a movie often held as the greatest ever.

After his friend Ernest Hemingway committed suicide in 1961, Orson Welles began to conceive a grand idea for a movie roughly based on the life of the great man. After toying with the details for some time, ‘The Other Side of the Wind’ went into production in 1970. With screen legend John Huston playing the lead role, an ageing movie director cast in the mould of Hemingway, filming hit snags right from the off.

What should have been a great piece of art, and a fitting tribute to a great man, simply limped on for six years until funding ran dry, leaving Welles with a pile of tape and a madcap vision for about a million edits. Despite attempting to raise money for the project himself, and tinkering with the movie over the next decade, Orson Welles died before it came anywhere near completion.

A production company now has the rights to the film and has touted a release date in late 2015, but without Welles at the helm, will it really be a valid offering?

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