The Beatles

The Beatles were a very popular band in the 60’s/70’s. Their songs would bring new life and joy to the moods of the people present when one of their songs was played. They are no longer together, but when they were, they were arguably the “Kings” of music at the time.

A lot of people knew a lot about The Beatles because of their wide popularity. But there was some things about The Beatles that people didn’t know about and may make them surprised. Ladies and Gentlemen, I hope you enjoy Ten Things You Probably Didn’t Know About The Beatles.

1.  The Beatles called it quits at Disney World

You know, I used to think that Disney World was the most magical place on Earth but after knowing the fact that my favorite band broke up there is something that scars me for life. Actually I’m not going to be that dramatic, but why Disney World? Well, it was where John Lennon was staying when he signed the split agreement drawn up by the other band members and Apple executives.

2. Beatles concerts often smelled of urine

Here’s a disturbing fact for ya. Beatles concerts smelled of urine. And it wasn’t because untrained dogs were allowed in the concerts. Audience members (Ideally girls) would get SO excited that they just HAD to pee their pants in public, makes perfect sense! You shouldn’t go in the bathroom, you should just let go in front of thousands of other people. (Major sarcasm)

3. Their Dentist was the one that introduced them to LSD

LSD is a drug, a drug, that The Beatles didn’t know they were taking when they were having a causal talk with their dentist over coffee. You read it right, Their crazed dentist put LSD in their coffee. All Paul McCartney remembers is that when he took a sip of the coffee, it was the best feeling he ever experienced. Wow… Wish my dentist was that fun. (Just kidding)

4.”Hey Jude” was written about John Lennon’s son

“Hey Jude” is a very soothing Beatles song that’s purpose is to make people take sad things and make them better. The Beatles directed the song at Lennon’s son Julian and the song was originally called “Hey Jules”

5. There is an Eleanor Rigby Grave

Eleanor Rigby is a great song. A song about an old lady who happened to have never found a partner and died alone. It’s my favorite song, and I was pretty surprised that they discovered an actually grave of Eleanor Rigby. Wanna find it? Go to the graveyard of St. Peter’s Parish Church in Woolton, Liverpool and you can find it there. It is a very popular place for Beatles fans.

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