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Some photographs really do encapsulate an era or a moment in time and resonate with countless generations. These images become iconic, and they often tell a story that words simply wouldn’t do justice too. Unfortunately, not all of these famous photos are are genuine.

Whether they have been completely faked for entertainment purposes or touched up to change their story, these images were designed to grab attention. Some of them are funny; others are just downright horrible. But they were all published to deceive us – it just so happens that some of them became iconic before the lies came out. Here are 10 of the world’s most incredible faked or manipulated images.

10. Tony Blair’s rude gesture

Tony Blair's rude gesture

Now, we all know that Tony Blair is a complete wan***, but this photographic evidence proves it. I remember seeing the picture on the left during the first few years of Tony Blair’s Labour leadership. The party’s spin doctors obviously wanted to show the fun and funky side of their future Prime Minister.

Taken in 1975 while Blair was a student at Oxford, the real photo depicts something completely different. Was this the future Prime Minister predicting how he would be remembered after his time in office? Or was it the action of a desperate individual who always has to be the centre of attention. I like to think it’s a bit of both.

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