Turkish fighter jet

Turkey is using bully boy tactics to persuade the EU that it should become a member of the European superstate. You’d think they’d stop their fighter jets from threatening the helicopters of current EU leaders, wouldn’t you?

Tensions between Greece and Turkey rose this week when Turkish jets reportedly harassed the helicopter of Greece Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras during a trip to Rhodes.

Flying at an altitude of 1500 feet, the two jets approached the PM’s helicopter from above — and demanded the pilot provided flight details. The pilot duly informed his Prime Minister, who got straight on the phone to summon two jets of his own.

It appears that the Turkish jets took the hint and buzzed off.

Turkey has been spoiling for a fight with Greece since the staged coup a few months ago. Just a few days ago, the Turkish government threatened to “break the arms and legs” of the Greek Prime Minister.

And all this is happening at a time when Turkey is lobbying for membership of the European Union.

Not happy with impoverishing Greece and deciding its fiscal strategy, Germany is wilfully ignoring this situation. Indeed, Germany’s Europe Minister Michael Roth wants the door left open to Turkish membership.

Make no mistake: Turkey is now an Islamic dictatorship. Free speech has been crushed, and Sharia law is beginning to pervade Turkish society.

And let’s not forget Turkey is actively blackmailing the EU: let us join, or we’ll send millions of migrants your way.

Like the guys at Westmonster rightly remind us; billions have already been given to Turkey to help the country prepare for membership, and billions more are due.

British taxpayers are helping an Islamic dictatorship to join a totalitarian European bureaucracy run by Germany.

Imagine saying that sentence just 70 years ago.

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