Jeremy Corbyn speaks to Sky news about Syria attacks

Jeremy Corbyn wasted no time in making political gains on the back of Theresa May’s decision to attack the Assad regime in Syria.

The Labour leader labelled the action as “legally questionable”, and added that “bombs won’t save lives or bring about peace”.

Corbyn then went on to say:

“This legally questionable action risks escalating further, as US defence secretary James Mattis has admitted, an already devastating conflict and therefore makes real accountability for war crimes and use of chemical weapons less, not more likely.

“Britain should be playing a leadership role to bring about a ceasefire in the conflict, not taking instructions from Washington and putting British military personnel in harm’s way.

“Theresa May should have sought parliamentary approval, not trailed after Donald Trump.

“The Government should do whatever possible to push Russia and the United States to agree to an independent UN-led investigation of last weekend’s horrific chemical weapons attack so that those responsible can be held to account.”

The Labour leader was talking to Sky News as it emerged four RAF Tornadoes had struck targets in Syria before returning to their Cyprus base.

Jeremy Corbyn knows that the majority of Brits didn’t want this attack, so he knows he has support on this issue from all sides of the political spectrum.

But don’t be fooled, right-wingers. This cretin will never, under any circumstances, support any sort of military action. Ever. Period.

Corbyn is a career pacifist. He’d rather give the keys to Number 10 to Putin than put up a fight. So nothing this man says about Syria should be taken seriously.

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