Donald Trump during the 2016 Presidential debate with Hillary Clinton
Photo: Twitter

Donald Trump has all the political skill of a cucumber, yet his ridiculously amateurish approach to public speaking has put him within touching distance of the world’s most powerful job.

Trump took on Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton last night in a televised debate that showcased just how ridiculous Trump is. But instead of getting people talking about which of the two candidates is the best man (or woman) for the job, the debate raised a few concerns (and nostrils) regarding Trump’s odd behaviour. Several social media users noticed he was sniffing throughout the debate, which has prompted rumours of cocaine use.

See for yourself:

The constant sniffing by Trump did not go unnoticed in political circles either. Former Democratic nominee candidate Howard Dean Tweeted:

‘Notice Trump sniffing all the time. Coke user?’

Of course, there is absolutely no proof of drug use by the Republican candidate for President. And the constant sniffing could have been a symptom of a nasty cold. However, Twitter in particular was awash with rumours and innuendo throughout the debate, which detracted from the important issues being discussed.

There were also comments from late night talk show hosts and senior figures in the American media.

In total, five million people Tweeted during the debate, and the hot topic of online discussion was about Trump. But this media circus is now detracting from the real issues.

It’s easy to knock Trump and write off his views as fascist, racist and bigoted. But a significant number of people in Western countries have grown tired of the political elite maintaining their stronghold on the world’s biggest offices.

Trump supporters themselves of castigated as ignorant and racist. But it’s easy to forget – particularly for the people in their middle class ivory towers of condescension – that many people are scared by what they’re seeing on the news. They want to feel safe, and protected by their own government.

And this is Trump’s main selling point – protection. That’s why a man grossly under-qualified to be the leader of the free world is within a gnat’s hair of being just that.

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