Muslim prayers street

The West is supposed to be the shining example of freedom of religion — which is exactly why organised mass prayers have no place in our society. 

Mosques are popping up across Europe at an unprecedented rate, yet more and more Islamic mass prayers are blocking roads across the continent.

The problem became so bad in Orléans local residents got together and decided to complain to authorities. For now, it seems those authorities have taken heed.

According to French publication Magacentre, the main issue relates to Rue de Limare — which actually has a huge Mosque of its own.

One resident sent a picture of dozens of Muslims praying on the street, and asked “Is this allowed by law? If not, what will be your action to ensure Republican law is respected?”

It took just one photo to spur the terrified local authorities into action. A public safety officer is believed to have contacted the Mosque to let Imams know that such prayers are actually illegal.

Interestingly, the people in charge at the Mosque agreed that the situation shouldn’t continue. Local Islamic leaders promised to take steps to ensure that the “phenomenon ceases”.

We have already seen angry confrontations between worshippers on the street and local residents affected by road blockages, loud speakers and intimidatory tactics. It’s strange that the French authorities don’t take action until they are shamed into doing so.

And exactly the same thing is happening in the UK. Every Friday, streets in London are blocked with Muslim worshippers, despite Mosques popping up around the capital.

Public worship in such huge numbers is not compatible with a civil society that gives ALL religions equal protection. It is an act of intimidation and recruitment, and it needs to be stamped out across Europe — whatever the religion.

Recent islamic prayers feet away from the Houses of Parliament and in Speakers’ Corner demonstrate that this is a growing phenomenon. These spectacles are part of a deliberate and concerted campaign to show us all the power and influence religion has over us all.

After all, these prayers are stopping traffic in Europe’s busiest cities.

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