Forget all those General Election blues… Greggs now does drive-thru, and it’s going to be huge.

Think about it: you can now grab a steak bake, cheese pastie and a doughnut without getting out of your car.

The first Greggs drive-thru is in the Irlam Gateway Service Station, and it’s offering the full Greggs menus — along with lattes, cappuccinos and tea.

The store opened in Greater Manchester on Monday, and it has enjoyed a steady stream of business ever since. Company bosses have confirmed that more drive-thrus will pop up around the country if this experiment proves to be a success.

Roger Whiteside told the Sun: “When it comes to food on-the- go, our customers tell us that convenience is key.

“We’ve been working hard to take Greggs to where our customers need and want us to be including office parks, industrial estates, retail parks and travel hubs.

“A drive thru offers the ultimate convenience and seemed the logical next step for us to take. This is a first for Greggs and we are excited to trial the concept in Irlam, Manchester.”

For several years now, customers have been begging Greggs bosses via social media to open a drive-thru, and they’ve delivered.

What about those of us whose only cardio involves walking from the car park to the local Greggs, though? With pastry-serving angels now serving us our pies and pasties in our cars, there’s no longer any reason to stand.

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