Local residents in Hither Green plan to block the street where Richard Osborn-Brooks killed an intruder in his home — to stop the criminal’s funeral passing through.

The plan is to block Osborn-Brooks’ street with 12 cars, which will hopefully stop the traveller’s funeral procession from making an intimidatory journey past the victim’s house.

Vincent’s family have been unrepentant in their intimidation and anti-social behaviour. They have used the pensioner’s street as the scene of a tacky, disrespectful shrine, and threatened residents who complained.

Henry Vincent was a career criminal who preyed on the elderly and vulnerable. This spineless, gutless coward met his match in Osborn-Brooks — and paid the ultimate price.

Despite his heroics, the pensioner was held in custody for two days while being questioned on suspicion of murder. The police eventually decided not to press charges, but the damage to this poor man and his wife had already been done.

A resident told The Express:

“There will be at least a dozen vehicles blocking the road.

“We seem to have won the war.

“Not that we wanted a war – we just wanted a bit of respect.”

This latest development comes just 48 hours after one mourner threatened to torch the house of Mr Osborn-Brooks and his wife.

The police in south London have been nothing short of a disgrace on this issue. Not only have they supported the Vincent family in their vile efforts to set up a shrine opposite the victim’s home, they have hinted that anyone who attempts to disrupt it could face arrest.

Henry Vincent was a waste of oxygen. He destroyed countless lives throughout his criminal career, and the UK is a better place without him. Of course his family want to remember him, but they should do so well away from the victim’s home. If they refuse, the police need to take control of this charade and put these beneficiaries of crime in their place.

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