President Macron

Emmanuel Macron has laid the blame for migrant violence, mass rape and terrorism firmly at the door of incumbent Europeans.

In a speech to George Washington University students, the French President said that these issues aren’t linked with migration — rather “discrimination” and inequality.

Macron made the comments when one student made the point that unprecedented levels of migration of Asia and Africa have led a huge rise in crime, violence and terror in ordinary European communities.

The student cited the increasing instances of rape and anti-semitism as causes for concern — and a reason why a more sensible approach to mass, uncontrolled and illegal migration is required.

But the President was unrepentant in his response.

Macron said:

“I am absolutely not naive. In our societies, we have a need for more security, more national security, especially for women.” I do not believe that these phenomena are linked to migration.

“Why? Because it is not new and unfortunately we have had this problem for years not to say decades in my country.

“Anti-Semitism… Unfortunately we had the Merah attack and terrorist attack… more than six years ago now,” continued Macron, with reference to the gunman who killed three French paratroopers, three Jewish children, and a Rabbi during a shooting rampage in 2012.

Macron also went on to say that the “problems, riots and violence” taking place in the poorest suburbs of Europe are often due to the “lack of opportunities” and our inability to “integrate these people”.

A report released last year revealed that anti-Christian attacks in France rose by 245 percent between 2008 and 2017. During the same period, the number of attacks and “hate crimes” against minority groups in Europe fell dramatically.

Exactly who are European leaders more concerned about? Their need to reverse the trend of low birth rates and more older people is based on the outdated financial model of perpetual growth.

This, along with the growing spectre of Leftist dogma in Europe, is more important to the continent’s leaders than the epidemic of street violence, rape and murder brought to these shores from Africa and parts of Asia.

Enough is enough.

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