David Cameron

David Cameron was all image and very little substance. While he was an accomplished orator and Parliamentarian, there wasn’t all that much to admire about him as a person. 

When the former Prime Minister called the EU referendum, and followed through on his election promise, he won over quite a few dissenters. Although many of them lost their newfound respect when he bailed on the country when it needed him most.

But despite having the dubious honour of losing such a massive vote, Cameron insists he’d do it all again.

In an interview with CNN, Cameron also admitted that the EU was taking more and more powers from sovereign nations — something he’d hoped to change from the inside.

But Cameron’s desperate pleas for concessions and reform from the EU went ignored. The British public could see how intransigent and power-hungry the European superstate had become, and decided to leave.

The former Prime Minister made the point that the beginning of the euro currency was the beginning of the end for British involvement in the EU. He said that decisions “about us” were increasingly being made “without us”. And on this point, he’s right.

Cameron went on:

“I don’t think you can belong to these organisations and see their powers grow, and treaty after treaty, and power after power going from Westminster to Brussels and never asking the people whether they are happy governed in that way.

“But, I haven’t changed my mind about the result of the referendum. I wish the vote had gone another way. I think we have taken the wrong course.

“And that’s what the country has chosen. I accept the result. I wish my successor well in the work that she is doing,” he said.

“I know as being prime minister, it is a hard enough job without your predecessor giving you a running commentary, and that’s why I haven’t been giving interviews, and the rest of it.”

Cameron will go down as one of the most forgettable Prime Ministers in many ways, and the most infamous in others. While we still don’t know what he really stands for, we do know that he changed the course of British history.

David Cameron cut and run when the difficult job of Brexit — which he instigated — needed to be done. He’s busy making his millions as a guest speaker and consultant these days, while the likes of Gordon Brown and Ed Miliband have stuck around.

This tells you everything you need to know about the man.

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