Recep Erdoğan

Turkey is becoming an increasingly conservative Islamic state, and it has no intentions of slowing down in its fight against democracy, free speech and the rule of law. 

Perhaps this is why Germany’s Europe Minister thinks the door to EU membership for Turkey should remain open.

Despite disgusting threats, oppression of brave Kurds in their own lands, staging a manufactured coup and taking control of Turkey for himself, Recep Erdoğan still wants in.

The fact that there are German ministers and people at the very heart of Europe’s totalitarian bureaucracy who still support this absurd possibility should tell you everything you need to know about the EU.

Michael Roth said:

“It is in the hands of those responsible in Turkey to decide whether they want to be a member of this European community of values.

“I would suggest we do not slam the door shut. That would be a wrong signal towards those in Turkey who still long for European values.”

Dictator Erdoğan said in a speech last year that Turkey joining the EU would solve its chronic problems. He also went on to say that the EU needs Turkey more than the European superstate needs his Islamic dictatorship.

Quite frankly, both of these undemocratic regimes deserve one another.

But beware, Brussels. The Turkish emperor is using millions of refugees as a bargaining chip. Fail to let Turkey join the EU gravy train, and watch helplessly as your continent chokes with more mass migration.

Erdoğan sees himself as the face of global Islamic politics. Following a threat by the Turkish Foreign Minister of “religious wars” in Europe after the EU fell out with the dictatorship over the recent power grab, the dictator warned that “no Europeans will be safe“.

Seems like a nice chap.

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