House of Lords

The unelected fat cats in the House of Lords are expected to push for the UK to remain in the Customs Union after Brexit. 

The House is dominated by Remainers, many of whom are expected to call for the watering down of the EU Withdrawal Bill over the next few days.

One amendment in particular is calling for an outcome that enables the UK to continue participating with the EU Customs Union. In effect, such an outcome would make it impossible for Britain to negotiate trade deals around the world. Any country wanting to strike a deal would need to accept all of the conditions of Customs Union membership — without any of the benefits.

According to a report from Westmonster recently, the UK is negotiating 21 trade deals as we speak. To make these deals impossible would be utter insanity — and it would betray the democratic vote that is taking us out of the EU.

Any amendment would be sent back to the Commons for consideration. But with fierce, anti-democratic Remoaners on both sides of the House, the government could face an uphill battle to deliver the will of the people.

Think about this for a moment. Rich, unelected, over-privileged elites believe they know better than the population. They want to bypass democracy in order to remain on the EU gravy train. People like Neil Kinnock and Chris Patten make money out of the only totalitarian regime in the West, and they’re not going to let go without a fight.

The EU Withdrawal Bill WILL be defeated by unelected elites on the Lords. The fact that this can happen to democracy in the 21st century is a matter of national shame.

Write to your MP, and demand that we get the Brexit we voted for.

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