House of Lords sleeping

As expected, the unelected career spongers and entitled life peers in the Other Place have voted to frustrate Brexit.

The Lords voted 348 to 225 to back a motion for the United Kingdom to remain in a Customs Union after Brexit.

To do so would mean we wouldn’t be allowed to negotiate trade deals with other countries — unless the countries accepted ALL of the conditions of EU customs union membership.

Make no mistake: this is a cynical attempt to delay Brexit… and ultimately stop it from happening altogether. The Lords is packed with super-rich heirs and EU lap dogs whose best interests (and bank balances) are served by the UK remaining part of the European superstate.

This was no surprise, and it doesn’t really change all that much immediately. But what it does do is give Remoaners like Chuka Umunna and Anna Soubry some legitimacy in their anti-democratic arguments against Brexit.

We’ve already shown that EU membership isn’t needed for a prosperous Britain. In fact, we’ve shown that the Brexit effect was merely a bump in the road. This obsession to go against the will of the people is based on one of two things: money and idealism.

Those who prefer to live in reality accept that leaving the European superstate is going to make Britain great again.

The Lords think they know best, and they’re not remotely embarrassed that unelected millionaires are trying to subvert democracy — in the country that invented its modern form.

Shame on the Lords. The government must not capitulate, as remaining in the Customs Union means we’ll be remaining in the EU by default.

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