The fact that unelected, appointees and millionaire heirs can thwart the democratic will of the people is a stain on Britain. We therefore probably shouldn’t be surprised that Brexit is being crushed by the political elites of Westminster.

202 Lords voted for an amendment to the EU Withdrawal Bill that would have ensured a second referendum on EU membership. Although the vote didn’t pass, it secured huge support from all sides of the House.

Lord Newby brought the motion, and despite it was voted down, he’s still shamelessly fighting against democracy and the will of the people.

91 Liberal Democrats (the party with around five percent of the popular vote) led the assault on democracy, followed by 51 Labour lords and four Conservative peers.

And this comes just days after the Lords voted for the ‘wrecking amendment‘, which gives MPs the final say on any Brexit deal brokered by the government.

What this does is hand the negotiating power to the European Union. They now know that, should the amendment pass, it is in their best interests to give the UK government the worst deal possible.

A bad deal will obviously be blocked by Parliament, and Brexit will be stopped. The most likely outcome will then be a General Election, followed by another EU referendum.

All in all, this move by the Lords will keep Britain in the EU for the best part of a decade — and perhaps much longer than that.

This is the 21st century, and we plebs are being put in our place by the privileged Lords who believe they know better. To call our country a democracy is nothing short of a bad joke.

This has to be the final straw. We now must get rid of the unelected upper House for good. None of the mainstream parties are talking about it — just like they aren’t talking about many important issues — so perhaps it’s time for UKIP and For Britain to rise up.

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