Alastair Campbell has to be one of the most odious people in the political environment. The man who has never held elected office seems to get far too much air time for his vindictive brand of politics — and that was certainly true on Sunday Politics last week.

During an appearance with fellow Labour Party member Gisela Stuart, remainiac Campbell once again started spitting his Europhile poison at one of this country’s most respected Labour politicians.

According to The Daily Mirror’s Kevin Maguire, Campbell screamed at Stuart just before they went on the air: “When are you going to stop fucking up my country?”

When Stuart shot back that this was also her country, Campbell replied: “You’ve got another country to go to.”

Campbell’s anti-democratic poison is well-known, but this latest outburst reached an all-time low — even for this disgusting cretin.

Stuart has lived in the UK since 1974, and has actually served real people — rather than start illegal wars and drive political policy without a mandate for either.

If Campbell’s remarks had been directed to a black or Asian immigrant in politics, he’d be looking at a criminal prosecution right now.

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