Theresa May has given her reasons for attacking Syria at a time when it was about to finally destroy ISIS on the ground.

The Prime Minister revealed that a Syrian regime helicopter was spotted around the scene of the Douma attack when it happened. There have also been independent reports of a barrel bomb being used — which she says is only used by the administration.

The logic behind this attack is based on the presence of a helicopter and the use of a certain type of bomb. But this doesn’t explain why Assad would use the one method that would attract the attention of the Americans and its allies.

Theresa May then went on to explain exactly what armed forces had achieved. A “specific and limited set of targets” were hit. And after consultation with the Attorney General, May said the action was “right and legal”.

The Prime Minister then went on to explain Syria’s previous use of chemicals to justify her actions last night. She was also forced to explain why she hadn’t consulted Parliament.

The fact still remains that Syria is weaker now than it was yesterday, and that’s music to the ears of ISIS leaders.

And video has emerged of missiles being launched from a French naval ship.

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