President Macron

The EU is a totalitarian superstate. While MEPs are elected to the European Parliament, their power to change policy is, in effect, non-existent. The Commission makes the rules, and if we don’t like them, it’s tough shit. 

So it wasn’t all that surprising to watch President Macron call for a “purge on populism” this week. And by “populism” it means people voting for the leader they want in their own country — and not the preferred leader in Brussels.

Macron has already warned that a huge transfer of Africa’s population is coming. This suggests that the EU, rather than trying to stop it, is actually encouraging it. And anyone who doesn’t like it is a bigot or a racist.

According to Macron, being proud of your country is “deadly”. And calls patriotism a “fascination with the illiberal”. Think about this for a second. A foreign leader is telling you that to be proud of being British and wanting to preserve your culture is grotesque.

But he’s going further than that. He’s telling you that he intends to purge your nation of “populism”. In any other era this would be a declaration of war. Who knows… perhaps it will be.

Macron continued his maniacal rants in front of the European Parliament this week. He talked about democracy as “a word with meaning which emerged from the battles of the past”. He also said that nations should be “obliged” to respect minorities. What he’s talking about here is Islam, of course.

Macron also talks about “European sovereignty”, whatever that means. He seems to forget that the EU is supposed to be a group of nations working together. This is yet another example of the European superstate frame of mind. It’s the main reason Britain wants out.

President Macron is a narcissist at best, and a warmonger at worst. Reading between the lines, he’s threatening countries like Hungary, Austria and Poland that failing to tow the multicultural, mass immigration line will result in conflict. Perhaps this is why the EU is so desperate to get it’s new army up and running.

Dangerous times for Europe indeed. And if Macron’s latest outbursts have achieved anything, it’s more distrust and anger throughout the continent.

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