Nelson's Column

A few days ago, Historic England — a taxpayer-funded quango — launched an initiative that involves asking the general public what should be done with England’s “controversial” statues. 

Historic England decided they’d stoke the argument by publishing an image of Nelson’s Column being demolished. This was their way of amplifying the message of activist Afua Hirsch — who wants the historic national monument knocked down.

Breitbart reached out to Historic England today for a comment, and the quango denied that their public republishing of Hirsch’s arguments constituted an endorsement. If this is true, why didn’t Historic England give other, more sensible, points of view the same air time?

 The unelected, barely accountable protector of England’s historic landmarks declared that “statues are a matter of public interest and are increasingly the subject of public debate”. They also added that the discussions came about because of the removal of Civil War statues in the southern states of America.

A formal debate on the issue will take place in May, and will be attended by the likes of historians, Leftist journalists and the race-baiting disgrace that is Afua Hirsch.

This is yet another example of how much the far-Left hates Britain, its values and its culture. Indeed, these extremist elements won’t be happy until British culture has been replaced.

And that’s the great irony here. When Brits talk of their culture, elements of the government, the MSM and the Left in general call them bigoted dinosaurs. But these critics of British culture will fight vehemently for the culture of Pakistan, Bangladesh and Eastern Europe on the streets of Birmingham, London and Manchester.

And a word of warning. When the likes of ISIS roll into the towns and cities they conquer, they tear down monuments, statues, art galleries and any great symbols of nationalism or the incumbent religion. It’s also a favoured tactic of Communists — past and present.

We import foreign culture en masse every day in this country, yet the Left and many of those we invite here work tirelessly to destroy British culture. This phenomenon is gathering pace, and it’s going to tear this country apart.

Take Raheem Kassam’s advice and let Historic England know this is not acceptable.

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