ATL delegates

The UK has evolved into a free and liberal society over the years… or at least that’s the idea. But our tradition of freedom of thought, speech, expression and religion is under attack — from a bunch of Leftist sociology, psychology and geography students. 

The Association of Teachers and Lecturers (ATL) has called on the government to make Islam lessons and visits to Mosques a legal requirement.

Indoctrinated teachers want to force our children to wear Islamic dress, pray to Mecca (segregated, of course) and learn key verses from the Quran.

Under the current law, parents are permitted to remove their children from some Religious Eduction lessons if what is being taught contradicts their personal views.

However, a motion passed by the ATL claims the power is being abused.

What the fu** is the point of the law it Islam is going to get a free pass? Surely this is exactly why this law is in place.

A London teacher proposed the motion because he believes children being pulled out of classes because of genuine religious beliefs is “very rare”.

Richard Griffiths went on to say:

“[Such cases are] very different to the cases of parents with certain prejudices including Islamophobia and antisemitism who wish to remove their children from certain lessons or visits to places of worship that would significantly hinder the ability of the school to prepare a child for life in modern Britain”.

Let me get this straight. If we don’t want our children to learn about the practices of Muslims, we’re Islamophobic. And if we’re not keen on our kids going to a synagogue, we’re antisemitic.

Horseshit. Perhaps some of us want our children to be free from the dogma of mystical belief systems. Perhaps some of us want our children kept as far away from religion as possible.

And one last point. Will this motion apply to the Islamic schools that have been promoting extremism in the UK? Will these hellholes that indoctrinate innocent young Muslims open their doors to vicars and priests? After all, this is still a Christian country.

But well all know it never works both ways.

We have a real problem in our primary and secondary education systems. Our children are being taught by teachers produced in a higher education system that is riddled with Leftist dogma and brainwashing.

Our children should be free to examine, discriminate and criticise, otherwise they’ll just become brainwashed robots.

Of course, that’s exactly what the government wants when it comes to religion.

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