Theresa May in the Cabinet Room

Despite overwhelming support for caution and a thorough investigation into the Douma chemical attacks, Theresa May is preparing British armed forces for an assault on Syria. 

An emergency cabinet meeting is taking place now, and it is expected to conclude that supporting US strikes on Syria is the right thing to do.

But it looks like Theresa the Appeaser won’t be trying to appease her Parliamentary colleagues — who won’t get a vote on the need for military action.

According to reports, Royal Navy submarines have already be ordered to the region in preparation for missile attacks on military targets.

A recent YouGov poll revealed that only a fifth of the population supports attacks on Syria at this time. Nearly half of the respondents were against the action.

And it’s easy to see why British citizens are concerned. We haven’t been given sufficient evidence that the Assad regime was responsible for these attacks. The last round of chemical attacks in Syria are still to be attributed to any one group, yet we’re going in anyway.

And make no mistake: an attack on Syria at this time is an attack on Russia. And all for the sake of some unverified video footage.

Brits aren’t stupid. They know that Assad and his secular administration would be mad to order the one kind of attack that would drag America and its allies into the war against ISIS.

Why are we rushing to war? Is it down to money? After all, war is good for economies? Is this about teaching Putin a lesson? Is it about regime change?

And what’s the ultimate goal here? Do we want the rebels in charge? Are we OK letting head choppers and homosexual torturers take charge of a major Middle Eastern country? I hope we are, because if Assad is toppled, that’s exactly what we’ll get.

It’s not often the Right and Left of politics come together in agreement, but this is one such example. Jeremy Corbyn has won some strange friends in some weird places as a result of the stance he has taken, including the BNP’s Nick Griffin.

If we’re going to take military action every time we see some nasty YouTube videos, we’ll be at war constantly. We’ll be fighting back against the brutalisation of white South Africans. We’ll be ripping into African tribal gangs who routinely mutilate their victims. We’ll be storming into North Korea, and to hell with what the Chinese think.

There’s something else happening here. At best, we’ll help ISIS to fight another day. At worst, we’ll push the planet a big step closer towards World War 3.

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