USS Harry S Truman

A huge 12-ship armada has left America and is en route to the Eastern Mediterranean — in the biggest display of American military might since 2003’s invasion of Iraq.

Leading the way is the nuclear-powered USS Harry S Truman, which has around 90 aircraft aboard. Five cruisers and destroyers are escorting the mammoth vessel, which will join the four destroyers already located off the Syrian coast.

The news comes as tension continue to rise over the Douma gas attacks last week. Despite Russian warnings that war will result if any Russian assets are targeted, Donald Trump is determined to teach the Assad regime a serious lesson.

The Putin regime, meanwhile, as threatened to strike down any missiles headed Syria’s way — a threat which drew this response from POTUS.

Despite firing off several warnings to Syria and Russia over the past few days, Trump’s attitude has softened a little at times. Perhaps this is due to the fact that one of his campaign pledges involved an end to foreign wars… and attacks on the Syria regime in particular.

British submarines and aircraft based in Cyprus are expected to take part in any strikes, along with French aircraft based in North Africa. Also along for the ride is the USS Georgia — an advanced submarine carrying guided missiles.

Things are getting real now. On the basis of unverified mobile phone footage, Western leaders are about to help ISIS in their fight against the moderate, secular Syrian administration. Western leaders… despite warnings… a risking a catastrophic confrontation with the world’s most unpredictable nuclear nation.

The USS Normany
The USS Normandy is accompanying aircraft carrier USS Harry S Truman
The USS Laboon is escorting USS Harry S Truman aircraft carrier
The USS Laboon is escorting USS Harry S Truman aircraft carrier
USS Georgia submarine with guided missiles
USS Georgia submarine with guided missiles

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