We all have our little secrets; skeletons rotting in our closets and monstrous little mysteries hidden under our beds. Sometimes the secrets are dirty. Sometimes they are inconsequential. It might be a guilty pleasure you have for nibbling the dry skin off of the bottoms of your feet. It might be that notebook littered with all your hopeless dreams of becoming Mrs. So-Fit-It-Hurts. Or maybe your secrets are a little darker than that. They could be inconceivably disturbing. But one thing is certain… you don’t want anyone getting their hands on any of your dirty little secrets.

Rest assured, good readers, that the likelihood is that they will stay safely hidden for the rest of your lives. To our delight at The Daily Heckle, the world of celebrities isn’t quite so mysterious. We’ve been rummaging through their closets and under their beds to bring you the best of their dirty, not-so-little, celebrity secrets.

7. Bronn the Badass

Game of Thrones has quite an impressive cast of sexy individuals. And Sir Bronn of the Blackwater certainly makes the cut. With his witty arrogance and his badass surliness, there is something undeniably alluring about this particular sellsword.

Lysa Arryn very aptly noted that this is one man who fights dirty, and without a shred of honour. And as riveted fans of Game of Thrones, we can appreciate that… because there is something tremendously thrilling about a dishonourable, heartless douchebag. But Bronn has a skeleton in his closet, and it is ugly.

Bronn, otherwise known as Jerome Flynn, featured in a pop duo in the 1990’s, where he and his less famous companion Robson Green swayed back and forth to the sweet sound of ears dying. One of their less atrocious singles, Up On The Roof, is so cheerfully unbearable that you won’t be able to hide from the sad fact that Bronn isn’t the bad boy we all thought he was.

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