Britain, Britain, Britain. The sophistication hub of the world. A country that puts the develop into developed countries. Yes, the stereotypes are all true; we drink an abundance of tea, we would shag pretty much any member of the royal family and, of course, politeness comes first.

That’s right. We may be nice to your face, but behind your back we are a bunch of catty bitches. You may be surprised to know that despite our superiority complex, Britain also has some pretty ridiculous laws in place. So take a gander, and mock away.

7. Dying in the UK Parliament is illegal

Houses of Parliament in UK
Photo: Wikipedia

That’s right. In certain, very particular cases, dying is highly prohibited. In the Houses of Parliament, dying is illegal. Because what could be more disrespectful than biting the dust in such a prestigious place? I think the sense behind this particular law speaks for itself; after all, only a true cad would have the nerve to drop dead in Parliament.

Feel a stroke coming on whilst having a nifty tour? Take it outside, buddy, they won’t accept your type in the Houses of Parliament! Is your genetic disposition for heart failures giving you problems? Well you better not sully the floors of Parliament with your corpse you ungrateful jerk! Joking on that treat you picked up from Harrods? Spit it out, douchebag, because if you die you’ll be in serious trouble.

But what is the sentence for this crime, I hear you asking. Well, it certainly isn’t life imprisonment.

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