Michael Schumacher

Formula One legend Michael Schumacher has been hidden away from the world after the brain injury he suffered whilst skiing in 2013. But according to a family friend, he is “sending signals from his distant world”.

The most successful F1 driver of all time suffered a catastrophic brain injury four years ago, and has been recuperating in private ever since. However, is family are still holding out for a “medical miracle” that will bring him back to his loved ones.

The former Ferrari driving ace was put into an induced coma following the now infamous skiing accident in Switzerland. His doctors claimed he’d now be dead if it wasn’t for his helmet — but Schumacher’s head injury was so severe it forced doctors to take drastic measures in order to save his life.

Schumacher’s agent announced that the F1 ace was showing “signs of consciousness” way back in 2014, but he was quickly rebuked by family members. And nothing about the driver’s condition has been announced since.

Schumacher purportedly had several blood clots in his brain, but doctors weren’t able to remove them all. After a major brain operation, Schumacher was allowed to go home. But it is believed that he is still unable to walk, talk or communicate with any of his family or carers.

Having been in the same condition for four years, the reality is that Schumacher will probably never walk or talk again. What a tragic end to one of sport’s great heroes.

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